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The company now with broad development space, comfortable working environment, good management mode and perfect welfare treatment, looking forward to your joining!

1、 Sales

1。 Foreign trade personnel: college degree or above, international trade, business English (CET-6), fluent in oral and written English, familiar with the whole foreign trade business operation process, working experience and independent merchandiser preferred;

2。 Domestic sales: college degree or above, familiar with computer operation。 Sales experience is preferred。

2、 Mechanical electrician, mechanical assembler:

1。 Technical secondary school degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical, mechanical, electronic, etc;

2. Experience in installation, debugging and maintenance of mechatronics equipment is preferred;

3. No working experience (can work hard and obey the company's arrangement).

3、 Salary:

1。 Accommodation provided by the company

2. Probation period: three months

3. Pay five insurances after one year's work

4。 Base salary (1500) + commission + welfare

4、 Provide documents

1。 Copy and original of ID card

2. Original and copy of Education Certificate

3。 Two one inch bareheaded photos

The above personnel shall have good professional ethics and personal quality, strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, be diligent in thinking and analyzing problems, be good at communication, and be able to bear certain work pressure。 Recognize the company's culture, obey the company's arrangement, have a good sense of team and innovation, work actively and enthusiastically, respond quickly, carefully and rigorously。


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